About us

Eltesan has started manufacturing polyurethane interior and exterior trim parts for commercial vehicles in 2017 in line with the changing needs of the sector with its own technology, design and applications, always following innovations from the front lines in its 35-year adventure of success.

Always use new technologies, the importance given to training and staff improvement, polyurethane manufacturing and surface treatment (painting, lining) Eltesan Automotive with capabilities in the field, has taken its place among Turkey's most important and largest automotive industries.

Eltesan Automotive continues its investment and development activities in order to further its place in the domestic and international market with its respect not only for its customers, but also for its employees, suppliers and social environment, its uncompromising understanding of quality and working discipline.

Our Purpose

To become a global brand in the automotive sector by continuously following technological innovations and increasing efficiency and creativity, by providing quality products to our customers with our emerging innovative products and original designs.

Our Target

Our goal is to closely follow the innovations in the international market and to provide useful solutions to our business partners and customers on the principle of mutual benefit and to realize innovative projects.

Our Values

To meet customer expectations, to provide After-Sales Satisfaction and to be a solution partner. To produce with an approach that values people, the environment and nature is to contribute to creating a better future. To approach it with the respect and trust of our employees, to lead them, providing support, training and other opportunities for them to improve themselves, believing that everyone will contribute to the success of the company, recognising and rewarding outstanding performance, all honesty in employee relations is essential.

Service Policy

We aim to provide customer satisfaction, competitiveness, reliability and stability in parallel with our objectives, tasks and values.

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