Paint Shop Area

It complements plastic polyurethane parts of different sizes and forms produced for automotive industry (bus & truck) with primer and paint process applied after sanding, sandblasting and bonding process depending on customer requests. The paint process is a whole consisting of paint mixture and preparation, surface preparation, paint application, flash off, paint curing furnace and final surface treatment operations. The most effective paint distribution can be obtained by the flexible apparatus design and application method for part painting in different sizes and specifications. By keeping the used painting equipment and air quality at a high level, the desired surface quality is provided without compromising the quality.

Our paint shop is insulated against external conditions such as temperature, humidity and dust which may affect the paint process and product quality. In our paint shop, which has fresh air pressure and exhaust system, standard paint processes specified on reference based operation identification cards are performed manually. Paint application operators are composed of competent persons, provided that they have certificates of professional competence. The solvents released during the paint processes are filtered with granular carbon filters in the exhaust system, ensuring environmental compliance standards.

Bonding Area

The combination of polyurethane semi-finished products with each other and other fasteners is made with high strength 2 component industrial adhesives. During the bonding process, certain periods are complied with, this issue is important for excellent adhesion. Because there is no return of the finished product. The area to apply the adhesive for each piece has been determined and is made according to the instructions. The adequacy of mechanical properties of glued parts has been tested and approved by our customers and third parties. The finished parts are delivered to the paint preparation process and assembly process.

Sandpapering Area

The finished polyurethane parts are sanded at the sanding station with sandpapers in different sands selected according to the shape and surface of the piece. The sanding process is done with orbital machines and is prepared for surface primer application and bonding process. Sandpaper can not be made and curved surfaces that should not deteriorate the form of sandpaper instead of sandblasting is done. In this way, the form of the part is ready for the priming process without spoiling. In order to achieve smoother surfaces in some parts, the surface is applied first with thick sandpaper and then with thin sandpaper to make the surface suitable.

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