Molding Department

Our molding department manufactures and maintains all required molds in coordination with Quality and R & D departments.

Polyurethane, plastic injection and ABS thermoform molds which are mainly used in automotive sector are designed and produced. In addition, projects based on customer needs are also carried out. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of our mold and production departments, a more efficient and immediate intervention system has been created. Thus, in the event of any problems in the direction of customer requests, we aim to solve the molds such as maintenance, repair and modification without reflecting to the customer.

Through our customer-oriented approach and innovative R & D department, we aim to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level by responding to customer demands with different projects.

Our company having many documents related to quality management system, produces many international and domestic projects and accomplishes successful projects together with many domestic and foreign companies.

Machine Park

5 Axis CNC Machine (6000x2600x1200 mm)

3 Axis CNC Machine (3200x1000x1100 mm)

3 Axis CNC Machine (2700x1000x1100 mm)

3 Axis CNC Machine (1000x600x600 mm)

3 Axis CNC Machine (2500x800x800 mm)

3 Axis With 2 Tables CNC Machine (3000x600x600 mm)

3 Axis CNC Machine (700x600x500 mm)

CNC Lathe (1500 mm)

Universal Freze

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