Project Management

Our primary goal as Eltesan Automotive is to provide 100% quality and customer satisfaction. We offer the most effective solutions to customer demands with our experienced staff of engineers.  

The vast majority of our customers are the main manufacturers of the automotive industry. As an expert supplier, we share our experience with our customers through teamwork in order to achieve the best design and quality in order to contribute to the development process of the designs coming from our customers. In addition to customer designs, we also carry out common designs.

We use design programs with the latest versions and technologies not only for mold, gauge, fixture designs, but also for process development and R & D purposes. Related to this, all our employees are composed of personnel who have the discipline and training required by the automotive sector.

As design programs, we use lastest technology engineering devices such as PDM, Solidworks, Catia, Cimatron, Faro scanning device in reverse engineering, NextEngine laser scanner. We make the most realistic design validation with modeling and analysis before the product is even produced. Thus, we minimize the problems that will be encountered in the field.

In order to improve communication between the project parties, the key principals of our projects manage the projects in all commercial and technical aspects and ensure that the same language is spoken between the customer and Eltesan Automotive, ensuring the organization to meet the entire process in automotive standards as soon as possible.

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