Polyurethane Production Area

Our PUR injection line, which is installed in a 10000 m2 closed area, has a production capacity of 450,000 parts per year in single shifts with PLC controlled presses and fully automatic raw material preparation and filling systems compatible with Industry 4.0 with RIM, R-RIM and S-RIM production methods.

Maximum sizes of 3x2 meters can be connected to our presses and parts in the range of 0.5-36 kg can be produced. In addition to the existing machinery track, the installation of the LFI and WABEN line is underway. Our new investments continue.

Thermoforming Area

In the thermoforming area,  maximum size of 2500x1500 mm plastic sheet can be shaped in CNC machines. After thermoforming 5 axis CNC machine trimming and surface treatment is done.

CNC Cutting Area

HUBER & GRIMME HG2000l 5-axis 3 pieces of CNC machines, serial and precision labor required parts cutting operations are carried out.

Assembly Area

In the assembly area, the installation of the dashboard is carried out. After the bonding process of the lower group is completed, the upper indicator part is also collected and the two parts are brought together. During this process, necessary precautions were taken during the production, bonding and assembly of the piece so that it would not be exposed to damage and deformations. The finished product is delivered to the packaging station for quality control. In the stages before and after the installation of the instrument panel, quality control procedures are performed meticulously, ensuring the quality expected by the customer and making it ready for delivery.

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