RIM Polyurethane

RIM technology, which is used as an acronym for Reaction Injection Molding, is used mainly in the automotive industry, for external trim parts such as headlights, bumpers, fenders and spoilers, as well as for internal trim parts such as dashboard, console and torpedo, which require visuals.

Besides the automotive sector, it is also widespread in many sectors such as medical, electrical, construction machinery and furniture.

Production Technology

The production process is started by injecting two liquid components that react with each other into a closed mold with the help of pumps. The reaction starts in a very short time and the chemicals expand and take the shape of the mold. The rate of reaction can be changed depending on various parameters such as temperature, pressure and density.

As the pressure is applied to the walls of the mold by expanding the chemicals do not need an external pressure and heat is released as a result of the reaction. For these two reasons, unlike other production methods, it stands out with lower energy consumption.

Since aluminum and epoxy can be used in molds, it brings lower cost, faster mold production times and flexibility in design changes.


High mechanical strength

High thermal resistance

Possibility to work in different thicknesses

In-mold coating possibility

Possibility to work with complex geometries

Possibilty to make production with insert and together with various metals

Complies with ECE-R 118-02 Annex 6 and 8. Can also be met Annex 7 as optional.

High Speed R-RIM









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